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Healing the Planet

Letter to Irish people (and beyond)

Dear Mrs/Mr,

I have read about your success in business. The story of Ireland as a Celtic Tiger is impressive, indeed. During my stay of several weeks in the country, I was pleased to feel the new élan of the people. After so many centuries of deprivation, Ireland deserves it. So, I congratulate you, wishing you and Ireland a very good future.

There are concerns, though. The spectacular disintegration of the Catholic Church may by many be considered as a liberation from patriarchal dominance; however, the disappearence of traditional values is creating a deep sense of deterioration, as well.  The pace of change may be part of modern life; however, the increased stress is causing new alcohol and drug problems.

We fail to give youngsters a real perspective in life, to such an extent, that an increasing number are choosing suicide as the only "way out". It teaches us a lesson. Progress is only then real, when it includes all areas of society. It gives us a new responsibility. The overall global situation only makes things worse, though.

Everybody is aware of the global crisis, threatening our very existence. The danger is, that climate change, water shortage, pollution, loss of rainforests e.g. bio-diversity, dying of fish and the oceans, poverty, hunger and mass-migration will all come together, causing a global disaster like we have never seen before. Scientists "give us a decade" to prevent the worst.

This is the reason why I, in daily life spiritual teacher, psychotherapist and (holistic) medical doctor (since 1972) from Holland, while having been granted a unique spiritual life, have decided to give up my very successful medical practice*, in order to totally dedicating myself - as a "Green Man" - to my life mission: Healing the Planet.

* See:

The surprise is, that Ireland proves to have more resources than just material growth alone. Sometimes, you have to be an outsider to really value the treasures and how they could contribute to the future of society as a whole. Not only to the future of Irish society, but far beyond. Once I understood that, I couldn't but starting to share it with my fellow human beings.

There is a wonderful book* about the Irish Bull God Daghda. It says, that one is only then "a Complete Man", once you manage to integrate all opposites within yourself: wild and serene, mindful and bodily, detached and loving, powerful and vulnerable; warriorlike and peaceful; effective and playful; creative and destructive.....

* Sylvia Brinton Perera "The Irish Bull God", 2004 Inner City Books.

In order to make a new step in evolution, we need new values, based on a holistic World View: interconnectedness, durability, wholeness, respect, care, joy, inclusiveness, cooperation, justice and co-prosperity. The foundation can be found in pre-Christian era, when the world "was ruled" by The Eternal Feminine. In Europe, the memory of this was effectively destroyed during the ages. In Ireland, on the contrary, it survived.

For instance, the idea of the MotherGoddess as the Source of death, rebirth and life is still preserved in Ireland. Irish don't consider it as "strange" if one speaks about the Goddess of the land, the mountains, the river or the sea. Men (kings) acted as "executives" of the Queen, thus obligeing themselves to a just, peaceful and humanitarian behaviour.*

* The practice wasn't always accordingly, though. In particular, in later ages Irish warrior tribes were notorious for their brutality. 

Our society as a whole is clearly in decay. To the British historian A.Toynbee it signifies the end of the old order. A creative minority understands this. It is going back to the Source, in order to become renewed. Once our New Self is born, new values will be spreading to all levels of society. This is exactly happening in our world of today!

Contrary to only a few years ago, large groups in the population have awakened. The impetus for change can be felt everywhere. In order to become fruitful, new values have to be found, though. Otherwise, renewal will only create new chaos. Hence, the development of authentic spirituality being an utmost priority.

The parallel between the Dark Ages and our current times is undeniable. Both found themselves in a vacuum between old and new. At that time Irish monks saved European culture by copying all the essential classical Greek and Latin works. Again, we need a group of people, that can bridge these most critical of times.       

Our monastic/eductional initiative aims at Healing the Planet e.g. culture renewal, in which spirituality, psychology, medicine, culture, social issues, the economy and the environment are all interrelated. It has been the result of many years of writing, consisting of some twelve books and numerous articles ("The Great Learning"), everything published in the internet for free.

The monasteries new style - called "Transformatoria" - will provide a Training Program for future participants, called Green Men and Wise Women. The training consists of Spiritual Service, Health Service and Community Service. Through it we are extending our insight, "loyalty, generosity and courage" (core Celtic values!) to our surroundings. People from all over the world are welcome to join*. 

* We embrace all traditions, including Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Taoist, Indigenous, New Age, Goddess, Wicca, Pagan, Agnostic and Atheist.  

Society is in desperate need for people, who dedicate their lives to restoring wholeness. Who are in contact with "Heaven, earth and the community". The Celtic monks are a great example in this regard. They were in love with "God, his creation and its beauty". A place like Glendalough, for example, bears witness to that.

Green Men and Wise Women, although not necessarily belonging to a particular belief or denomination - often to the contrary - could become the embodiment of a tradition, that has disappeared from mainstream culture for too long. It is called The Original Tradition, an interreligious initiative based on inclusiveness, in which all areas of life without exception, are celebrated*. 

* Obviously, we don't address ourselves to Irish people alone. F.i. Green Man and Wise Woman are very prominent in British tradition, as well. Actually, both are part of those cultures, that have a memory of pre-historic past.

Like in the Dark Ages, new style monasteries could fulfill a crucial task in preserving and spreading the new spirituality. To implement this, we owe a lot to the Celtic monks. Since they were the "First Wave" of saving the culture, we call our initiative the "Second Wave". Like in the past, the Irish have given us our roots back! Obviously, our network of worldwide monasteries* will relate a great deal to Irish culture.

* We will found Transformatoria/Monasteries wherever the soil is fruitful. They could sprout everywhere. F.i. in Europe, the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

In particular, our curriculum emphasizes both Irish history and mythology as well as Celtic spirituality. The monasteries will include key elements of Irish culture, like a passage tomb (Newgrange), a stone circle, holy wells and trees. Structure and organization will be according to the early Irish monasteries: simple and closely connected to nature*.

* See a poster of Glendalough.

Obviously, through our efforts, Irish culture will be greatly promoted worldwide. Add the "spirituality, psychotherapy and health"** programme to it, which we have obliged ourselves to do in Ireland every year - as a sign of deep gratitude - then you will understand the dimensions of this promising initiative.   

** See "Starters"

For initiatives like ours: the purpose of creating the foundation of a new culture, a considerable amount of money is needed. We believe our project is of vital interest to everybody. Hence, we feel free to ask you e.g. your organization/company for providing funds to realize the (material) aspects of our project: the PR, the curriculum, the construction of monasteries and implementing the trainings.

Both candidates for joining, as well as supporters are very much welcome to contact us! One way of getting to know more about the project is joining Han Marie's introductory (fundraising) lectures, talks and teachings. He gladly accepts invitations of both individuals, groups, centres, organizations and companies*.

* The first step toward our fundraising campaign consists of a set, including HMS' handbook holistic health "Flow System Therapy", a DVD with his lecture on spirituality, held in the summer of 2006 in Hollywood, Los Angeles, together with a Chinese jade healing stone.

We would be immensely grateful for support. Obviously, we are willing to provide you all the additional information you might need. Needless to say, that internally all aspects of the project have been fully taken care of, including the basic expertise to carry them out. To additionally inform you about it, we have added a short overview.

Hoping to hear from you soon,

Yours faithfully,

Han Marie Stiekema, MD

MeiMei Yu, MA

For fundraising purposes

Han Marie Stiekema, physician 1972 University of Groningen, NL. Specialization in German Holistic Medicine (Ganzheitsmedizin). Pioneer in Holland. Internationally renowned clinical center (1972-1978). Additional emphasis on fasting therapy, inner body cleansing, regeneration, health, lifestyle and prevention. Organic garden. Later psychotherapy and spirituality, as well. Introduced fasting-meditation eco-peace-walks. Founded the Living Zen School (1981). Numerous articles, radio and TV performances. Co-editor health magazine. Worldwide lecturing a.o. Europe, USA, Caribbean, Dubai, China. Stayed one year in Japan (teaching Japanese Zen-meditation), one year in HongKong (1990). Director of School for Natural Medicine (1992). Initiated and developed Spa Centre in 5 star hotel on Madeira, Portugal. Worked half a year in hospital for the poor in Curitiba, Brazil
(1998), besides a hypertension project, in
collaboration with WHO Healthy Cities, together with his Chinese wife, a talented MA regional development/ epidemiologist. Author of (spiritual) poetry ("Omni-verses"). Re-openened health clinic, his wife taking care of teaching/treatments Traditional Chinese Medicine (Chinese guasha therapy, nutrition, Chinese cooking, fengshui) (1998). Wrote handbook holistic health - Flow System Therapy - a breakthrough in medical theory and practice (1999). Again, focus on spirituality, ecology and culture renewal. Published some 12 books and numerous articles on various topics for free in the internet (The Great Learning) (2000). Lecturing in Santa Monica and Hollywood (USA). Has found his life-mission with the The Original Tradition/Healing the Planet project. Will do annual spiritual, psychotherapy and health programmes to the benefit of Irish people. Will be moving to Germany (2007).  

The Transformatorium is Non-Commercial.
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goes to the Common Good/Healing the Planet project.


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