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European Sacred Heritage
Letter 4

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To the Churches
Congregations, The Board, Your Reverence
Please, read letter 1 first


Very dear Madam/Sir,

Obviously, the Churches like everybody else aren't undisturbed by the fiasco of the 2009 Copenhagen Climate Conference. Especially, because they consider "saving creation" their special mission. On the other hand, they face the difficult decision in how far they have to change themselves in the first place. For haven't they contributed to the destruction of nature for 2000 years?

Hence, simple "environmental action" doesn't suffice. First the self should transform itself thoroughly, in order to subsequently being able to be fruitful in the world.

A short time ago in your church so-called Green Men* have been (re)discovered. They originate from pre-Christian times and have been placed in many churches of Western Europe during the Middle Ages and Renaissance. They had a double function: the Church meant them as a warning (to not fall back into old patterns e.g. paganism) while the people embraced them as symbols of inextinguishable vitality.

* And/or "Wise Women", respectively

The underlying conflict has never been resolved. This is the reason why up to today the existence of Green Men is still being denied by the Church. Some churches dont even know they possess such sculptures. In todays' global crisis this situation has become unsustainable, though. Bear the psychological axiom in mind: "what is denied becomes an obsession".

Increasingly, more people ask existential questions and are looking for answers. They go to the roots since something seems to have gone wrong early on. The churches would like to help but discover that they are victims as well, i.e. of their own artificial e.g. dogmatic limitation of life. So what should be done? The legend of Parsifal states: "If everything has been tried, liberation can only come from the outside".

These outsiders have been existing for many centuries within your own Church, with the permission of the bishop back then! So it is important to acknowledge existing facts and assuming the responsibility for one's own church history. It will soon be obvious then, that a treasure is hidden below the initial reservation or fear. This is shown by an increasing number of churches in Europe which talk openly about their Green Men*.

 * LINK: How (foreign) Churches deal with their Green Men

After 2000! years of the Church demonising nature the time has come to rehabilitate the victims. The Green Man is the archetype of the Divine immanent in nature (the world), he represents plants, animals and human beings, which were being oppressed. A huge opportunity for the Church, since the Green Man is materially visible and tangible in many places, which makes the process easier, by in turn showing him the respect he deserves.

By restoring the symbols of immanent archaic connectedness with nature in your church, you contribute decisively to eco-spiritual e.g. religious commitment with regard to the climate crisis....

So we would like to congratulate you for the terrific treasure you have in your church. As you know, on the basis of these discoveries we founded the "European Sacred Heritage", together with the "European Green Man and Wise Woman Pilgrim Network". Their aim is to foster the Green Man and the Wise Woman in Europe. In this, we have overlapping interests, since many Green Men are located in or on churches. Thats why wed like to offer a fruitful cooperation.

What we would or could do for you is the following: 

1. Mention your church on our website with more than 300 different European churches from nine different countries, all of which have Green Men in their church.

2. Contribute to your church with its many-sided history e.g. its actuality for the current times, becoming the centre of attention (again) by means of exhibitions, lectures and seminars.

3. We are doing promotion for you for free on three continents - Europe, Australia/New Zealand, the USA and Canada - in order to bring more visitors to your church

4. The possibility to take part in our teachings and retreats. In them, people can continue their quest i.e. their search about the ultimate questions in an open, informal and interreligious surrounding.

5. We would inform local and regional authorities/entities such as municipality, tourist offices, media, cultural associations, educational institutions, environmental organisations and so on on the extraordinary discoveries in your church.

6. (Financial) support in restoring sculptures of your Green Men and Wise Women.

Please take a look at my website. You will be impressed. So many churches......and they make up not even a quarter of all Churches of Green Men existing in Europe .

Cordially, and who knows? see you!

Han Marie Stiekema
New Teacher and "Green Man"


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