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"Come ye all unto Me,
I Am the All-Embracing One"

Whispering of the Universal Mother

GraalsVisioen 1974
"Streef naar Verlichting, (re)integreer
je leven en dien de ander"

Few people know that some years before my Great Experiences I got an authentic transcendental Vision. It consisted of St John's Wort, the Canaanite Tree of Life and the outpouring Grail Chalice. They unfolded themselves in sequence. After many years I grasped the meaning of it: a guideline for my entire life. And indeed; St.John's Wort stands for my 10 years of uninterrupted Bliss, the Tree of Life for 20 years of integrating my life (while writing all my experiences down) and the Chalice for selfless sharing of the Essence. I understood that this was a universal "Leitmotiv" for everyone: "Strive for Enlightenment, (re)integrate your life and serve others". While having spent more than 10 years in formulating my teaching (see website) the last transition happened just now: in winter 2010

It wasn't and still isn't easy. Many years I dedicated my life in writing down my experiences and insights. This corresponds with the Tree of Life. Its seven arms symbolize the seven areas of my teaching. Necessarily, this needed to be put into a system, to make it understandable for beginners (and who isn't a beginner...). Although inspired by the Divine, thinking, words, ideas and concepts had to be used. If you do that long enough, it becomes some kind of a habit, even with the inner observer regularly disconnecting myself from it. Principles, goals and strategies became very dear to me, indispensable for my teaching, I thought. The Vision, however, is unrelenting: "there will be a time that you have to leave it all behind". The Tree of Life turning into a Chalice.....Rightnow that time has come.... 

It wasn't the first time that I lived and celebrated Emptiness. After I was granted "my" Threefold Realization (1977) I have spent 10 years being a Nothingness. During that time my life was One Eternal Moment, full of joy and carefree. So I know where I am talking about. It is the difference between Realization and identification. Most people identify themselves with a concept: "non-attachment", for instance. In the course of time they become "one with it" to such an extent, that their whole life becomes dominated by "non-attachment". This, however, is not the real thing (don't tell those people, for they may become angry at you, indeed, prove of the fact that they cling to it!). Realization, on the other hand, is the breakthrough of the Dimension of Non-Attachment from within. Instead of an ego identifying with it, the ego completely dissolves into the Void

When it strikes you - unexpectedly, unprepared - like it did with me, it is relatively easy. After a (long) period of identification with spiritual topics (and convictions!, see above), it is a lot more difficult, though. That's why Jesus went to the desert after his many years of training. He had to kick the habit. I am in that stage rightnow, in which I have to get rid of all my dear ideas. It is turning from fullness to Emptiness, once again. The fullness I have shared with you through my website, Emptiness will be shared through personal contact. The shift is huge. I "simply" have to forget everything I stood for....The difference with my first Empty period: at that time I joyfully celebrated Emptiness as such, now - through being Nothing once again - Space is created for you to dwell in, together with all your questions, problems, anxieties and suffering. Emptiness proves to be all-inclusive......without exception....

The (Grail) Chalice symbolizes the Cosmic Womb, from which all life originates. Instead of relying on my own experiences, I have to start living surrendering myself to the Ultimate.....and trust it (Her). She will give answer to all questions, I have only  allow it to happen. Just like Jesus I will need a withdrawal period, though. A retreat, that very well could become permanent. As you can see the Chalice is pouring itself out. Not with a plan or concept in mind, but spontaneous and direct from the Source. The outpouring has to be triggered, without it Emptiness will stay where it is (empty). That's why in Japan believers clap their hands upon entering the temple. The Gods have to be "waken up" (haha). In the same way the right question of the seeker determines the quality of the reply. It requires you turning inward, as well. Ultimately it is a Heart to Heart affair.....

This mutual trust is the Cauldron of Miracles. It goes like this: I am Empty and receptive. There is no obstacle  for you to enter my Heart. Provided you have the "right" question the Heart replies. Without interference of my small mind it finds its way to your Heart. Deep resonance is then finding its way from the Center to the periphery. It goes through all layers of your bodymind system. Proof of it are vibrations that sometimes shake the "physical" layer as well. Its signs are a moment of great clarity, trembling, shivering, joy, a very gentle feeling, laughing, silence, tears, sweating, waves, dancing, an embrace and many more. When the Heart is touched awakened insight will be your share. It doesn't matter with what problems you come to me. What is decisive is that you are authentic and sincere, longing for a Heart to Heart affair....

After having observed my duty towards society i.e. shared everything to "save the earth", (that is where the website is all about), in the last phase of my life the emphasis of my work has thus changed toward "holiness". Like Teresa of Avila said: "be holy to the benefit of the Whole". In becoming holy we become the Whole. It is the highest possible Realization. It happens when we start living to, in and from our innermost Core, the Source of all life. In order to "achieve" it, we have to let go of every conditioning, especially our dear spiritual ideas, concepts and convictions. "May not me, but THAT in me take over my life". Or, as my Vision said: "Strive for Enlightenment, (re)integrate your life and serve others". Deep longing for the Ultimate is a "conditio sine qua non". If the driving force isn't strong enough, then this Path is not for you. It should be a genuine calling. In fact, the Whole has to call you. It requires a courageous self-investigation. "Does my calling comes from the Source or from my ego?" that is the crucial question here. It is a "project" for life. I feel great gratitude, for being able to take the lead. May the Cosmic Mother inspire, purify and lead us!


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