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In our TRANSFORMATORIUM we have developed a very effective integrated approach to improving health. It is based on more than 30 years of experience. Moreover, our devotion to the Great Mother, as the Source of regeneration, provides a transnatural surplus value to our effort*. Thus, in order to have the maximum benefit of the treatment, being open to the Ultimate proves to be a (great) advantage. Moreover, our Centre focusses on people, who - after their recovery - are willing to share their talents and gifts with others. Burn-out people are especially welcome, since - through breakdown of their ego-structure - they have moved already from "their periphery to their centre". For the next step, see "A New Training".

*We very much respect "local" manifestations of the Mother, like the (black) Madonna, Kuan Yin, indigenous images etc.

We distinguish four main factors contributing to the origination of sickness. The first is spiritual, the second is psychological/emotional, the third physical, while the fourth is environmental. Starting with the first it is the identification with the "ego" which is responsible for e.g. alienation (from multidimensional reality), self-centeredness (suffocating in one's own accumulations: physically, psychologically), isolation (being thrown upon oneself) and angst (fear of Nothingness). Surrendering to the Great Mother brings existential relief. She is the Cosmic Womb in which death (of the old) is transformed into rebirth. Therefore, central to our spiritual healing is Mother Worship. It consists of various approaches, varying from inner prayer and a mantra to chant, initiation and purification.

One consequence of being (unconsciously) identified with the mind is the alienation from the body (and its immediate environment). Being cut off from the body means that consciousness does not penetrate it, which results in (very) low body energy, which in turn is responsible for its stagnation. Your self-healing power will gradually go down, which sooner or later will result in some form of (chronic) disorder. The first step - additional to taking refuge in the Mother - is awakening of the True Self, which proves to be essential to healing and regeneration. You have to free yourself from the dominance of "thoughts, emotions and desires". Once the new I has been freed it can start "embracing" the body through "feeling awareness". The energy level will be raised to such an extent, that eventually your energy will gain a surplus value, together with optimal health. We teach you "feeling awareness" with the help of the "heaven and earth" exercises ("tiendi qigong").

The second cause of disease is the (unconscious) identication with some (very) limited aspects of your personality only. It results in a (life long) conditioning to a few roles or sub-personalities only. For instance, your personality is dominated by hard-working, low enjoyment level, a strong ratio and poor communication skills. This identification can be so strong, that other aspects of the mind (usually the opposites) hardly have any chance to develop themselves (besides suppressed parts from the past like pain, anger, fear etc.). Your inner structure will become rigid. The consequences are usually considerable. On the psychological level e.g. energy eventually becomes limited, enjoyment of life is minimal, together with the inability to establish satisfactorial contacts and relationships, developing stress, depression and fear (of life). On the physical level you are prone to developing disorders of all kinds. Chronic illness is often related to one or a few life-long dominant subpersonalities. The solution to this is to still allow your suppressed parts to become conscious. The purpose is to accept and integrate them, contributing to greater fullfilment, a much more flexible personality and prevention of sickness. See "Emotional self-integration".

Accumulation of physical/psychological " substances e.g. blockages however may sometimes be very stubborn. In that case additional purification could become very beneficial. For this purpose we have developed a very effective physical/emotional therapy, called "guasha" or "gua-tharsis". It is originating from China, consisting of intensive rubbing with a (jade) stone on various parts of the body, resulting in release of emotional blockages, stabilizing inner balance, supporting clarity of mind, heightening the level of energy, besides detoxification, strengthening of the immune system, removal of pain and improving the blood-circulation. The technique is both simple as well as spectacular. After special oil is brought on the skin (which protects the skin against damage), intense "scraping" with a (jade) stone will provoke redness of the skin. The more red spots "are coming out" the more promising the treatment. Especially when combined with surrendering to the Great Mother this purification (ritual) can become a deep-felt experience.

On the physical level we are offering the Personal Health Plan, a two months program, consisting of 10 steps with the aim of optimizing health. It is based on "Flow System Therapy", a breakthrough in medical thinking and practice, containing more than 200 natural (self help) therapies. The Plan starts with nutritional advice, followed by pro-biotic therapy (restoring the intestinal flora), fitness and sweating, supplements, detoxification and de-acidification, liver flush acc. to Dr.R.Stone, stimulation of the immune system through guasha, anti-oxidants, bowel cleansing and a drinking cure. The power of the approach lies in the combination of therapies. Hence, in order to be succesful you should do them all simultaneously. Note: This (internet self help) plan is a health promoting plan. It is not meant as a replacement for medical treatment. The liability is entirely yours.  

Among the environmental factors the impact of toxins (from within and without), geopathological factors and electrosmog are of utmost importance. Apart from environmental toxins, which continue to damage our biological substance in various ways, we lay emphasis on toxins from within, e.g. self-poisoning from one's own bowel and amalgam. The iatrogenic factor (damage through pharmaceuticals) should not be underestimated. Recently, a new threat has evolved: electrosmog. Those who are exposed may show considerable damage to key bodily functions, like cell-structures, vital membranes, bio-chemical changes etc., often leading to irreparable harm to the body/mind as a whole. The picture doesn't give rise to optimism. Rather than causing localized damage, all environmental factors together ("causal soup") are causing multifactorial disorders, something I have called: Multifactorial Etiological Subtotal Syndrome (MESS).

Finally, if above mentioned measures do not help, one should think of e.g. (gluten or/and milk/lactose) intolerance or allergy, serious immune-deficiencies, problems with the spine, so-called foci (mostly chronic symptomless inflammations, scars) in the body or/and psychological factors. In all these cases you are recommended to seeing your doctor for additional help.

The healing program in our TRANSFORMATORIUM is organized around Weekend Retreats (Fr/Sa/Su), aiming at promoting self care, consisting of a Introductory Talk, Spiritual Teaching, Mother Worship (its various forms), a Personal Spiritual Consultation, Heaven & Earth Exercises, a Group Consultation (spiritually, psychologically, medically), a Workshop Personal Health Plan, a Guasha/Guatharsis (purification) session, besides "aftercare" through our internet website, various courses (guasha), brochures and books. The TRANSFORMATORIUM (Training Centre of the Culture Renewal Movement) with its Healing-Initiation-Commitment Program is founded by Han Marie Stiekema Sermes, spiritual teacher, psychotherapist and medical doctor from Holland and MeiMei Yu, MA, health consultant and guasha teacher/therapist from China.

We are currently looking for a suitable place in Central Europe


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