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Han Marie Stiekema, born  1942 in Groningen, NL. Physician 1972 University of Groningen. Specialization in German Holistic Medicine (Ganzheitsmedizin). Pioneer in Holland. Internationally renowned clinical center (1972-1978). Additional emphasis on nutrition (Bircher-Benner), fasting therapy, inner body cleansing (Austria), regeneration, health, lifestyle and prevention. Participant consumers organization biological nutrition. Had an organic garden of his own. Co-founder herbal company. Later psychotherapy and spirituality, as well. Zen teacher. Founded the Living Zen School (1981). Numerous articles, radio and TV performances. Organizer of annual "fasting-meditation peace walks" (1981-1984). Co-editor health magazine. Teaching Christian mysticism. Teaching fasting and meditation to Trappist monks. Worldwide lecturing a.o. Europe, USA, Caribbean, Dubai, China. Stayed one year in Japan (teaching Japanese Zen-meditation), one year in HongKong (1990). Founded Centre for Spirituality and Ecology there. Married Mei Yu, a talented academic (1992 The Hague,  MA regional development/ epidemiology).   Director of School for Natural Medicine (1992-1996). Initiated and developed, together with his wife, a  Spa Centre in 5 star hotel on Madeira, Portugal. Worked, again with his wife, half a year in hospital for the poor in Curitiba, Brazil (1998), including a hypertension project, in collaboration with WHO Healthy Cities Project. Founder of "Earth Care", a holistic educational eco-project. Director of Eco-Health Holidays. Author of (spiritual) poetry ("Omni-verses") and other (educational) books. Opened Center for Spirituality, Health, Education and Ecology (1998). Wrote handbook holistic health - Flow System Therapy - a breakthrough in medical theory and practice (1999).  Published some 12 books and numerous articles on various topics for free in the internet (The Great Learning) (2000). Initiator "PilgrimCare", a free pain treatment project for pilgrims on the Santiago de Compostela pilgrim route (Spain, 2004). As senior teacher lecturing in Santa Monica and Hollywood (USA). Interreligious Peace project, based on "The Eternal Feminine". Study trip Celtic Culture (2006, Ireland). Has found his life-mission with the "Original Tradition"/ "Healing the Planet in 7 Steps" initiative.  

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