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Transformation von Mensch & Gesellschaft
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Wir helfen diejenigen, die anderen helfen wollen

A New Training/School of Living consists of The Great Learning, a leadership training program, aiming at Spiritual Service, Health Service and Community Service. Through the training you will be able to guide people in general and in Home Meetings*, the Personal Health Plan* and Community Development in particular. The Training is based on the self-help "Study and Action" * concept. It means, that you develop your Mission yourself, (e.g. together with others) while being supported by us. The possibilities of support are mentioned under "Assistance". After at least having worked "in the field" for one year, you will have the opportunity of specializing yourself in either direction.

* See: Educational Culture Renewal Internet Self-study Project (In Dutch. Still to be translated in English)


Spiritual Service/Health Service/Community Service



Basisfilosofie voor iedere student is het "Existentiele Humanisme". Het benadrukt de gemeenschappelijke existentiele noemer  van alle mensen. Onafhankelijk van overtuiging, religie of levensbeschouwing is de basissituatie van ieder mens gelijk. Ieder mens is namelijk geworteld in "Hemel, aarde en de (nieuwe) gemeenschap". Ook al zullen verschillende mensen "Hemel" verschillend benoemen - voor de agnosticus het "Bewustzijn", voor de Christen "God", voor de Moslim "Allah", voor de New Ager "Kosmos" of voor de Atheist "het Niets" - het maakt niet uit. Alle weten wat ermee bedoeld wordt. Met betrekking tot "de aarde en de gemeenschap" zullen wel heel weinig mensen moeite hebben om te erkennen, dat zij er deel vanuitmaken. Al met al is er zo een brede basis voor onderling begrip, uitwisseling, tolerantie en samenwerking gecreëerd. Mensen die de Training gedaan hebben, verplichten zich om deze filosofie naar alle kanten uit te dragen. 


Spiritual Service consists of guiding people in Home Meetings. Having worked with people for so many years, we have come to the conclusion, that being cut off from "Heaven, earth and the community" with as a consequence "self-addiction" e.g. addiction to the current materialistic society is the key problem. It is the root of greed, egoism, jealousy, hatred, stress, burn-out, accumulation and exploitation. Hence, the Great Mother and Her Law of the Universe - death, permanence and rebirth - being the answer to the existential problem of today. Our initiative includes bringing people together in regular (weekly, with a minimum of two times a month) self-help meetings in which they learn to "die to the old" and become reborn. The essence of Transformation is to (subsequently) fitting in in "Heaven, earth and the (new) community". The purpose is A Joyous Life! The groups are "horizontal" without any authority from above e.g. based on autonomy, while the program consists of the Seven Steps*. Spiritual Service has been designed for those who would like to start, develop and guide a Home Meeting. Prerequisite is a certain "level" of spiritual experience.

Hemel & Aarde Oefeningen

Wil je je activiteiten uitbreiden, dan bestaat er tevens de mogelijkheid om begeleider van de "Hemel & Aarde Oefeningen" te worden. Deze oefeningen zijn veelomvattend. Zij bewerkstelligen helderheid van geest, emotionele balans, oplossen van blokkaden, lichamelijke fitness, subtiel contact met je directe omgeving, vreugde en eenheid met hemel, aarde en met elkaar. 


Studiebegeleiding geschiedt middels ons EducatiefCultuurVernieuwings

Zie de "Hemel & Aarde Oefeningen". Tevens "StadsOntwaken"

Voor persoonlijke spirituele begeleiding: klik hiernaast onder "Newsletter".


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During the 32 years of my medical practice, I have found the common denominator of chronic „civilization" related disease: the flow system. Instead of concentrating on the effects or symptoms of clinical disease, the diagnosis and treatment of the causes: the basic functions of the soil/nutrition, digestion, blood circulation, combustion, assimilation, detoxification and elimination/the soil proves to be crucial. Every stage has its own examination, diagnosis and a group of integrated - biological, ecological - therapies. The surprise is, that by only optimizing the above mentioned basic functions - together with eliminating as much as possible all harmful influences from the environment - all kinds of chronic disorders often prove to be partly or even entirely disappearing, while at the same time well-being, optimal vitality, energy and a balanced immune-system are restored. Flow system therapy offers every individual a simple, effective, cheap and comprehensible system of understanding health, a context for improving lifestyle in such a way, that illness can be prevented, „civilization" related (chronic) disorders and the "new risks" can be improved or cured, through natural means without side-effects.

flow system therapy: the answer to the basic health
problems of modern society

Persoonlijk Gezondheidsplan

On the physical level we are offering the Personal Health Plan, a two months program, consisting of 10 steps with the aim of optimizing health. It is based on "Flow System Therapy", a breakthrough in medical thinking and practice, containing more than 200 natural (self help) therapies. The Plan starts with nutritional advice, followed by pro-biotic therapy (restoring the intestinal flora), fitness and sweating, supplements, detoxification and de-acidification, liver flush acc. to Dr.R.Stone, stimulation of the immune system through guasha, anti-oxidants, bowel cleansing and a drinking cure. The power of the approach lies in the combination of therapies. Hence, in order to be successful you should do them all simultaneously. Note: This (internet self help) plan is a health promoting plan. It is not meant as a replacement for medical treatment. The liability is entirely yours. Among the environmental factors the impact of toxins (from within and without), geopathological factors and electrosmog are of utmost importance.

Een Nieuwe Gezondheidszorg

Once you appreciate health - the positive approach - it becomes infectious. Taking care of individual health is not enough, it matters the community as well. A new slogan has therefore to be introduced: "a healthy mind in a healthy body in a healthy community". It means, that our efforts are extended to A New Health Care, a concept based on the three concentric circles of Self Care, Holistic and Technological Medicine respectively. Since about 70% of your health depends on Self Care, the establishment of Basic Health Centers, based on "Flow System Therapy" and the "Personal Health Plan" is crucial. It includes the transition of you being a freelance operating advisor to a volunteer Basic Health Consultant, committing him/herself to establishing a Street e.g. Neighborhood Self Help Center.

We train you in becoming Basic Health Consultants


Studiebegeleiding geschiedt middels ons EducatiefCultuurVernieuwings

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„How to realize a sustainable world, without first establishing an ecological economy. How to establish an ecological economy, without first taking the future of our region in our own hands. How to take the future of our region in our own hands, without first bringing order in our neighborhood. How to bring order in our neighborhood, without first managing our own household well. How to manage our own household well, if we fail to take care of our own health. How to take care of our own health, without first finding our inner balance".

The Great Learning (The Original Text is from China, 400 BCE)

Helping people to rebuild their community


What has been put forward by "The Great Learning" is part of all major spiritual traditions. They all have emphasized the necessity of both working for your own salvation and the wellbeing of the community. Now, with the global crisis worsening people of all backgrounds should agree on a common denominator, on which they can work together to save mankind and the earth. The model of the Great Learning seems to be extraordinary suitable to that purpose. Translated to the current situation, it means that everybody should start with his or her own awakening, while step by step extending it to his or her direct surroundings.

Drawing concentric circles from the Self to society

Transformatiemanifest voor de 21e eeuw

To share your best qualities with others is the greatest joy possible. Rather than spoil them for the sake of personal gain and profit, you contribute them to restoring your community. Anything you can do you do. Your family is doing the things that cannot be done by you. Anything that can be done by them they do. The street is doing the things that cannot be done by the family. Anything that can be done by them they will do. The things that cannot be done by the street are being done by the neighborhood. Anything that can be done by them they will do. The commune is doing the things that cannot be done by the neighborhood. Anything that can be done by them they will do. The county does the thing that cannot be done by the commune. Anything that can be done by them they will do. The (autonomous) region does the thing that cannot be done by the county. The aim is to reclaim the Community as the Foundation of social life, based on organically e.g. bottom-up structured layers, called community democracy ("sociocracy"). Guiding principles are e.g. subsidiarity ("what can be done by a "lower" level, should not be done by a higher"), self-governance ("Self-sovereignty"), matricentrism (women in the center of power), everything based on consensus.


Studiebegeleiding geschiedt middels ons EducatiefCultuurVernieuwings

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Our proposal is to train yourselves - everybody in his/her own way - for the participation in the Culture Renewal Movement. Each of us doing his/her utmost to making progress on the spiritual Path. What the movement needs is people who are awakened!, who are taking responsibility for their own inner process, who are becoming more and more transparent, who are re-integrating the suppressed parts of their personality into their New Self, who are able to communicate freely and constructively with others, everything in order to create a surplus value, aimed at serving others. Resulting in dedication, competence and effectiveness toward serving the Whole!

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Wir helfen diejenigen, die anderen helfen wollen


The Integral Way
Our spiritual initiation (retreat) in seven steps
The Great Learning
Konzentrische Kreise ziehen vom Individuum zur Umwelt
Die Chance eine neue spirituelle Gemeinschaft zu gründen
Die Gesellschaft umorganisieren bottom-up
Emotional Self-Integration
Deine innere Stiefkinder umarmen
Transformationsmanifest für das 21e Jahrhundert  (In Deutsch/Niederländisch)
Das Programm der KulturErneuerungsBewegung
Personal Health Plan
Kostenloses internet Programm zur Optimierung der Gesundheit
Transformatorium "Das Ewig-Weibliche"
Unser zukünftiges Zentrum


Die Wirklichkeit gesehen aus der Perspektive der Großen Mutter
Flow System Therapy
Handbuch Ganzheitsmedizin mit 200 verschiedenen natürlichen Methoden
"Embracing Your Self"
Emotionale Selbst-integration (Voice Dialogue) nach Hal Stone und Sidra Winkelmann
Transformation Workbook
Dieser praktischer Leifaden ist noch nicht ganz fertig

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