CultureRenewal Initiative
The Transformation
To Begin with A New Spirituality




De samenleving valt uiteen,
leve de Transformatie!

everything is deteriorating
we have to go back to the Origin
in order to be renewed
once the New Self is born
we need to become part of the Whole
Heaven, earth and the (new) community
once again

It will only be succesful, if

* Its time has come
* The introduction of an

* A common spiritual Path
* A new universal Teacher, who's Realization opens the gate to a new step in evolution
* Spontaneous sharing, generosity, compassion,
solidarity and commitment

After 2000 years the world needs
a totally new spiritual, religious and ethical impulse
covering all areas of life
we don't have to wait for it
recently this all-inclusive Path - intercultural, interreligious, open, tolerant, democratic - has been revealed
leading to a radical
of Self and Society

The Path within and the Path without
are two sides of the same coin
they are called
* Back to the Origin
* To Become Renewed
* Be Part of the Whole!
* A New Spirituality
* A New Psychology
* A New Health Care
* A New Tradition
* A New Society
* A New Economy
* A New Earth

In practice

Practically, it means that I will spend the rest of my life being selflessly available. I will do that by living it, i.e. leading by example. In order to maximize the impact I will emphasize my "role" as "Green Man". As such I dedicate myself to "Healing the Planet" in 7 Steps. Wherever I come I like to erect a (temporary) glasshouse, filled up with plants. With the "Earth Ceremony" as permanent background, I will then be functioning as a modern "oracle", with emphasis on spiritual Teaching (The Transformation, the road within and without, eventually leading to a Training Centre for Green Men & Wise Women: The Transformatorium), a lot of "theater" and playfulness,  joint silence e.g. contemplation (The Universal Way), a scientific discourse, a political speech, a healing session ("Mother Healing": pain treatment: spiritual, emotional and physical), celebration and personal consultations......The program is thus highly improvisational, full of surprises all the time, everything based on the need of the people.


  The Summer Retreat 2010 will be held at the foot of the Untersberg, between Salzburg (A) and Berchtesgaden (D). Come to celebrate the beginning of A New Era! Contact us for information about my whereabouts. It is also possible to invite me to come to your country, city or town.The prospect to be a Nobody paving the way for others to blossom is fullfulling me with great joy.

"Ursage Untersberg"

In the new stage of my work - after having finished my writing - the website starts a new life as well. I have given it (back) to the universe. There it will lead a life "of its own". I will not control it anymore, nor will I have ideas, expectations or hopes about its "impact". Thus, dear website, fly on your own wings now, have your own experiences. Good luck! Everybody can use it as background information. That of course is its purpose. May it therefore enrich your life!, benefiting you and your beloved ones*.

* Just like I gave it its freedom (back), don't grab, copy or misuse it for your own self-centered purposes. It is intolerable that "Divine-inspired" texts i.e. insights are being used as a commodity. If you do, "the wrath of the Gods will be descending upon you".**

** Some years ago an American wanted to "take over" my entire teaching.....

Realizing that the world is (still) full of honest, great and wonderful people, I send my Heart greetings to all directions.

Her Blessings,

Nothing IS

When everything is broken down
You're standing before nothingness
Don't be afraid!

Nothingness doesn't mean the end
On the contrary, "She" is the Cauldron
Of Renewal,

Turning having into Being, so
Let your ego die, in order to be reborn
Joy, Gratitude!



  2005 Copyright Han Marie Stiekema
Last revising: 11/11/13

"Every True Renewal of Spirituality is caused,
not by our own ideas, concepts, suppositions, conclusions
e.g. projections, but by direct interference of the
Divine Itself"

Threefold Realization

"The Ultimate isn't God, Light, Being or Buddha. There is Something Beyond,
called the Vacuum, the Cosmic Womb or Great Mother"


Not "God created the world out of nothingness", but Nothingness is giving birth to God and the world, the latter continuously returning to their Origin


Everything comes from God while He is coming from Nothingness

Celsus, 2. CE


The Cosmic Womb governs the Universe through the dynamic equilibrium between "birth and death" i.e. "creation and destruction"


"The Vacuum is the Essence of the Mother, God is Her Light Body (first emanation), while the world is Her Material Body (second emanation)"


"Instead of representing the "Father" patriarchal religions are the alienated Sons of the Cosmic Mother, all denying their True Origin"


"Alleen door "Moeder van God" letterlijk op te vatten, zal het Mysterie Zich openbaren. Bij het uitademen fluister "Moeder", dan wacht je tot de inademing spontaan - fluister "van God" - uit de Diepte van het Niets opkomt"

Grote Moeder Mantra

Rejoice, for I have announced to you
a new step in evolution!