Raw material
Seven Cardinal Failures of the Church

1. The institution itself/hierarchy/power/lies

2. The attitude towards women

3. The suppression of Heaven and earth

4. The destruction of the life cycle/regeneration

5. The denial of the origin (Great Mother)

6. The one-born son/renewal

7. The cultivation of dualism/evil/antichrist/the devil

Global crisis

"God" vs the system (materialism)/fixed

Instead of war acceptance of the Great Mother as the all-embracing Womb/Law of universe/making opposites complementary again

Women rule for at least one generation

Church organization acc. to J.Althusius

Vrouwen beleven; mannen verwoorden, m.a.g. mannen laten van zich horen, terwijl vrouwen ervaren en onbekend blijven.

431 Ephese. Verval Romeinse Rijk plus dreiging van desintegratie van de Kerk: toevlucht tot Maria (Theotokos-Moeder van God) als opvolgster van Isis. NB. Tot 550 Isistempel in Soissons

Graal is regeneratie door geven (uitschenken). Vessel symbol of the GM, in Her aspect of menstruating Womb. Presumably coming from India (pilgrims from India in Ephese!). Zie Yoni page 67/68. Temple of goddess Kamakhya in Assam with the menstruating yoni. (Yoni page 43). Chalice put in the Ark of the Covenant! Templers brought it to W.Europe.

Maria dogma's saving operations for declining Church. Contraproductive, because they don't go far enough!

Women's mysticism in the Teutonic Order + female branch


V.O. is Mater Magna (GM)