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Many people feel hesitant, when it comes to any kind of commitment. It is the result of two millennia of oppression, in which you were forced to believe, not because it was your innermost truth, but just because the Father Church told you to do so. In recent times, more and more people are abandoning all forms of organised religion. They feel they have to throw off the yoke. Mother Worship not only understands this, but is fully supporting this inner need. It considers it as a necessary step in emancipation. Hence, we will be the last to interfere with people in this stage of inner development.

However, sooner or later you may become confronted with the shadow part of freedom. Extreme individualism causes trouble of its own; it doesn't correspond with human nature. Moreover, once awakened, you will experience "connectedness" as its counterpart. You come to know, that your essence is the essence of everything around you, hence, "personal" realization turning into "being your Self connected". You understand that you - like the grass, the trees, the clouds, the animals, other human beings, the rivers, the rocks and the sea - are all part of the web of life. Thus, after an initial stage of seeking "personal liberation" many (reborn) people will turn back to the community. It is in the community, that you may fully develop your commitment. Once having experienced this, Mother Worship may become one of your options.

Confession of faith in Mother Worship is a celebration. You celebrate being part of a community, whose existence is only justified by guiding and connecting people on their spiritual Path. Unlike the Father Church, confession of faith in Mother Worship isn't something you have to believe.We don't believe in dogma's or in rules "from above". Thus, the kind of commitment depends entirely on your self. Common denominator is being your Self connected, while surrendering to the Great Mother. In practice you determine the way you want to commit yourself. The choice are manifold. For instance...


* We believe in the Great Mother as the Ultimate Reality, the Vacuum, embracing the whole of existence, nothing excluded,


* We believe, that Nothingness is giving birth to God, rather than "God created out of nothingness",


* We believe in Her Law of the universe, being the dynamic balance of (re)birth, preservation and destruction,


* We believe in one God (Being, the Light), manifesting itself in various planes of existence,


* We believe in Jesus Christ as a unique Enlightened Teacher, healer and social reformer,


* We believe in Maria Magdalene as the legitimate heir of the teachings of Jesus Christ and the foundress of Mother Worship,


* We believe in an ongoing renewal of religion  through Self-realization and revelation in countless men and women,


* We believe in re-integrating the lineage of all-those, who in the past were excluded from the Church,


* We believe in awakening, personal integration, being rooted in "Heaven" and earth, to become one with the Light, while taking refuge in the Mother, as important stages on the Path,


* We believe in the Great Mother as the Mother of all (patriarchal) religions and the possibility of reconciliation between them,


* We believe in the possibility of individual and collective liberation from addiction to the self/ego, greed,  profit, progress and materialism,


* We believe in the community as "Mother-given" part of the web of life,

* Etc., etc., etc.

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